Center of Excellence for Reducing the Supply of Illicit Drugs

CdE participates in thematic discussion on the management of assets seized from drug trafficking at the UN

This Wednesday (20), the CoE participated in one of the thematic discussions on the implementation of international drug policy commitments at the United Nations Commission on Narcotics, in Vienna, Austria. The challenge proposed for debate at the time was the values ​​of assets seized from crime related to money laundering resulting from drug trafficking, which remain at low levels at the global level.

The coordinator of the CdE, Gabriel Andreuccetti, presented the Brazilian asset management model that has been improving over the past few years, in order to show how the undercapitalization of organized crime has supported the strengthening of public policies in the country.

“The strategies are being improved with the objective of financially reaching criminal organizations and, thus, having a more promising future in the field of public drug policies. These policies are also financed through the management of assets of organizations linked to drug trafficking”, concluded Andreuccetti.

The CoE presentation was based on the first thematic newsletter launched by the Center of Excellence in June this year. Click here to access the full bulletin.

The session also featured panelists from South Africa, South Korea, Australia and the StAR Initiative, a partnership between the World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

In addition to the discussion on trafficking asset management, the meeting had sessions on increasing the links between drug trafficking, corruption and other forms of organized crime with the financing of terrorism; and on the increasing criminal use of information and communication technologies for activities related to illicit drugs.

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