CoE experts participate in training in Colombia

CoE experts participate in training in Colombia

Specialists from the Center of Excellence for Reducing the Supply of Illicit Drugs (CdE) were in Colombia from November 22 to 26 to participate in workshops on the cocaine production chain and the pricing of illicit drugs. The training takes place under the technical advisory agreement that the CoE maintains with the Integrated System for Monitoring Illicit Crops (SIMCI) project of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Colombia.

The objective of the partnership is the transfer of technology and technical assistance in the elaboration and implementation of a methodology to monitor the prices of illicit drugs in Brazil. From this, it will also be possible to identify possible impacts that variations in the illicit market cause on the Brazilian criminal dynamics.

exchange of experiences

In Tolima, CdE specialists visited the facilities of the International School for the Use of Police Force for Peace (CENOP), where they exchanged experiences on the development of technical-scientific research to combat cocaine production and trafficking with UNODC representatives Colombia, from the Anti-Narcotics Directorate of the National Police and the International Center for Strategic Studies against Drug Trafficking.

In addition, the specialists participated in an inter-institutional workshop with the objective of strengthening the monitoring of prices and the market of illicit drugs, getting to know the reality of more than 40 representatives of entities linked to fighting drug trafficking in the neighboring country.

For the coordinator of the CoE, Gabriel Andreuccetti, the experience allows the survey of new research approaches on the illicit drug market. “The illicit drug price monitoring strategies have become a fundamental tool for a better understanding of the cocaine market in Colombia, serving as a warning system for increasingly frequent changes in drug trafficking on the world stage,” he says.

Based on technical cooperation with the UNODC in Colombia, the CoE will build a strategic study on the pricing of illicit drugs, showing the experiences of the neighboring country and possible applications in Brazil.


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