Center of Excellence for Reducing the Supply of Illicit Drugs - CdE

3rd Thematic Bulletin, November/2022

Diagnosis of the Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratories of the Scientific Police of Brazil


Benchmarking Report, October/2022

Benchmarking report and international best practices on illicit drug supply reduction


2nd Thematic Bulletin, March/2022

Illicit Drug Price Monitoring: Lessons Learned in Colombia and Possible Challenges in Brazil

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1st Strategic Study, December/2021

Covid-19 and drug trafficking in Brazil: the adaptation of organized crime and the role of police forces in the pandemic

Portuguese | Executive summary

English | Executive Summary

1st Thematic Bulletin, April/2021

Drug Trafficking Asset Management – ​​Decapitalization of organized crime to strengthen public policies in Brazil

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