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Rapid Drug Alert Subsystem (SAR) completes one year

The Rapid Drug Alert Subsystem (SAR) complete,...

Fight against drugs: free course helps public managers in the preparation of plans on the subject

Course offered by the Ministry of Justice has virtual classes...

CdE and MJSP launch course on drug trafficking and transnational organized crime
Event discusses Forensic Toxicology in Brazil with the launch of publications by the CdE and MJSP
CdE pilot project workshops to monitor the illicit drug market in Brazil are promoted in four states 
CdE promotes workshop on illicit drugs and their characteristics
UNODC World Drug Report 2022 highlights current trends in illicit drug markets, drug impacts on the environment and data on drug use by women and youth
CdE participates in the 24th National Drug Policy Week
CdE starts pilot project to monitor illicit drug prices in Brazil
CdE and SIMCI launch newsletter on monitoring illicit drug prices
CdE promotes event on monitoring illicit drug prices at the 65th session of the CND
SENAD presents CdE project at UNODC event in Colombia
Ministry of Justice and Public Security launches 1st report on the Rapid Alert Subsystem on Drugs
Rapid Drug Alert Subsystem in Brazil launches first report
CdE presents strategic study results at an international seminar
CdE study reveals impact of the covid-19 pandemic on drug trafficking in Brazil
CoE experts participate in training in Colombia
Federal Government will hear society about the National Drug Policy Plan
CoE holds international seminar on the effects of covid-19 pandemic on drug trafficking
What is and how the Early Warning Subsystem works
CdE participates in thematic discussion on the management of assets seized from drug trafficking at the UN
UNODC report brings data on cocaine trafficking between Latin America and Europe
MJSP promotes national seminar on the use of aircraft in drug supply reduction
CdE partners with UNODC Colombia to study drug price monitoring
CdE collects data to study the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on drug trafficking
Conad approves draft of the National Drug Policy Plan and resolution creating the Rapid Alert Subsystem on Drugs (SAR)
Experts debate the Early Warning System on Drugs during a Forum promoted by the CoE
Event promoted by CdE launches Brazilian Network on Research in Drug Supply Reduction
World Drug Report 2021: Pandemic Effects Ramp Up Drug Risks, As Youth Underestimate Cannabis Dangers
CoE presents results of the bulletin on Asset Management at a federal government seminar
With SENAD, UNDP and UNODC, CoE launches first thematic bulletin
First CoE's thematic bulletin analyzes drug trafficking asset management in Brazil